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Become A Local Area Pro

with Mike Hicks and Shawn Anderson

Learn how to be a local real esate area pro with Shawn Anderson and Mike Hicks! They’ll walk you through creating and presenting a Real Estate Market Overview (REMO) to improve buyer and seller appointments and recruit more agents, and do a deep dive on key real estate metrics to master in your journey to become an area pro.


  1. Be An Area Pro
  2. Real Estate Metrics
  3. What is a REMO: Summarizing Data Into A Digestible Format
  4. How to Create a REMO
  5. How to Analyze a REMO
  6. Exceptional Presenter Book
  7. How to Use a REMO with Buyers
  8. How to Use a REMO with Sellers
  9. Leveraging Area Pro Designation to Create Opportunities
  10. How to Market a REMO to Generate Leads and Build Your Database
  11. How to Use a REMO to Recruit and Train Your Agents
  12. Going Beyond the REMO
  13. Scripts
  14. Bringing It All Together
  15. You Are The Area Pro

100% Virtual

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Supplemental Resources

Each course includes additional resources such as templates, workbooks, and scripts to deepen your understanding of the content and equip you for success.


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